Implemenasi Kecerdasan Spiritual Dalam Membangun Nilai Religius Pada Siswa Madrasah Aliyah Nahdlatul Ulama Assalafie Babakan Ciwaringin Cirebon

Kurikulum kepesantrenan MA NU Assalafie Babakan Ciwaringin Cirebon



Spiritual Intelligence, Religious values, Assalafie



This research examines the implementation of spiritual intelligence in building religious values among students at MA NU Assalafie in Ciwaringin, Cirebon. Good personality traits, such as morality, manners, and etiquette, indicate a person's religious values in their heart. The approach used in this study is qualitative descriptive with a field research method. Data sources were selected through purposive and snowball sampling. Data collection was conducted through observation, interviews, and documentation. Data analysis was performed using a descriptive approach. The research findings indicate that implementing spiritual intelligence in building religious values is well-executed and compelling at MA NU Assalafie. Practices such as greeting with salam, handshakes, exhibiting politeness, and showing mutual respect with teachers and fellow students are part of developing religious character. Additionally, the integration of the 2013 curriculum and Islamic boarding school practices, such as the Santri Bakti Masyarakat (Community Service for Students), mid-morning prayer (sholat duha), tahfidz (Qur'an memorization) classes, as well as exemplary behavior and discipline demonstrated by the entire school community, contribute to building religious values in students. The process of students' experiences in developing religious values is evaluated through attitude assessments and monitoring attitude development and through the execution of religious practices. This helps monitor and measure students' progress in strengthening religious values within themselves. This research provides an overview of the significant role of implementing spiritual intelligence in building religious character among students at MA NU Assalafie. The habituation of religious values and good manners in the school environment and during the learning process contributes to shaping students' personalities with integrity and strong religious values